February 7, 2012

We Have A Choice

At one time, the world didn't have the resources and technology to eliminate poverty. Scarcity ruled the day, and people and governments made decisions based upon this mindset.

Now we have enough resources and technology to eliminate poverty.  However, we still have poverty . . . lots of it . . . and in some places it's growing.  Why?  Because we're still operating according to a scarcity mindset, and we erroneously resign ourselves to poverty being a fact of life.  That's right . . . what once was correct is now wrong.

We have a choice.  It starts with changing our mindset and recognizing that there is enough for all to have a decent, dignified standard of living.  Once we acknowledge that no one has to be in poverty, we then need to adjust our systems to reflect the new mindset.  To do so effectively, we need a preventative poverty reduction strategy.  A plan.  We can choose to implement strategies to protect people from falling into poverty, and helping people get back on their feet if they do trip up.  It's all a matter of priorities.

The following video was released today in conjunction with a brand spanking new report about poverty in Alberta, Canada's most prosperous province and a place where poverty is increasing due to the growing income inequality.  While the numbers deal specifically with Alberta, the situation being described exists in many places and the message is pertinent to wherever such exists.

(including getting a full copy of the report)

We have enough resources and know-how to eradicate poverty.  The only question remaining is . . . do we care enough?  I think we do, but it's not enough to simply care.  We have to put that compassion into action.  We have to align our priorities with our values.  For any compassionate society there is no greater priority than the well being and dignity of its most vulnerable citizens.

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