October 6, 2011

Pictures Say A Thousand Words (Day 76 - October 6, 2011)

"TENT SWEET TENT"Photo Credit - Drew Hoshkiw, Rocky Mountain Outlook
"It`s Day One . . .
I have no idea what to
If you need a context for why That Poverty Project is being done,
you can check out the following blog that contains statistics as well as
a video journal entry by That Poverty Guy (Sean Krausert) -
"I Believe . . . "

COCOONING! Hoodie on, wrapped in blankets, and sleeping bag.  Coldest temperature -4C (24.8F).

That Poverty Guy walking around downtown Canmore.
Photo Credit - Hamish MacLean, Canmore Leader

"Dirty laundry . . . AGAIN!"
(getting sick of these clothes)

Check out . . . Stone-Washed Jeans

Blog Entry from Day 3 about
That Poverty Guy`s sad 1st effort
hand washing his clothes.
Ye Olde Laundry Stone & Basin
That Poverty Guy cooling his tootsies on a hot summer day. 

That Poverty Guy "reflecting" on bottle picking.

For the full story on the day . . . Cotton Pickin' Bottle Pickin'!!

Most money was spent on trying to be
"Clucking Normal"
The bottle picking haul netted $7.30 . . . for 4 hours work!

The MANY faces of That Poverty Guy . . .

And, the MANY faces of poverty . . . Really . . . What Does IT Look Like?

"The Office"
A rickety old lawn chair and a 70`s style TV tray.

Being outside so much is absolutely draining . . . and the blog from this particular day was entitled Never Again. 

Twice per week That Poverty Guy washed his clothes . . . once per each of his two sets of clothing.

Caught With My Pants Down . . . Literally!
An encounter with the cops.

Fresh snow in the mountains . . . winter is not too far away.

A sprained ankle . . .
. . . and bit by a dog . . .

Dr. Thad Pavarti Guy
World Renowned Expert on Linguistic Anomalies & Other Strange Things
Discoverer of . . .
(Most Viewed Blog!)

Peace DUDE!  Just trying to keep warm after a chilly night.

Sean Krausert (a.k.a. That Poverty Guy) - Before and Right Near the End of Phase I of That Poverty Project

Now . . . take a look around. 

What needs in the world catch your eye
and speak to your heart?

What can you do to help?

Hey!!  I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.


  1. This whole project has spoke to my heart...re awakened my passion for people and reignited the fact that even i can make a difference...no matter what doubts i have....WE can....if WE CARE
    thank u so much Sean.. for posting this experience and bringing us along in this life journey!!!!
    God bless u as u take on phase II.

  2. Thanks very much Interior Gal! To be honest, it's interaction and encouragement from people that really fuels me along the journey. So . . . thank YOU!