March 7, 2012

Our Century's Greatest Injustice

The oppression, discrimination, and abuse of women and girls is one of the most serious issues affecting poverty around the world.  Beyond the cruel injustice of such acts, it is such a huge poverty issue because women and girls are one of the greatest, if not the greatest, part of the solution to alleviate poverty.

As pointed out in this TED Talk video by Sheryl WuDunn entitled "Our Century's Greatest Injustice", educating the girl child accomplishes three incredibly important things in the global battle against poverty.  First, since it has been shown that girls with education have fewer babies, it reverses the trend towards overpopulation that plays a big factor in poverty proliferation.  Second, experience has also shown that women make better use of resources for the benefit of the family.  Third, it increases the involvement in women in being part of the solution breaking the poverty cycle.

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