November 5, 2011

Alien From Another World (November 5, 2011)

I'm an alien.  There . . . I've said it.

"I come in peace. I mean you no harm.

I'm not of this world.  However, it's not what you think . . . I'm not from another planet.  I'm of the world that CAN BE, not the world that IS.  Some might call me an idealist, but I prefer to think of myself as a future realist.  Whatever you call it . . . it feels like being an alien at times.

"I see how wonderful and abundant the world is, and how much better it can be."

Thankfully, I'm not alone.  There are millions, if not billions, of aliens just like me walking this earth.  We don't all do the same things.  Some of us create awareness and support for things that should change for the better, and others work tirelessly in implementing that change with the support of those who have become aware of the need for change.  That said, all of us idealists, or aliens, share one common characteristic . . . hope for a better world.

Idealism has become pejorative in some circles . . . a put down.  Those who gladly wear the badge of "realist" often scoff at idealists as being naive or not being in touch with how things really are.  I disagree.  Idealism is a title I wear with honour.  I know perfectly well how things "really" are, but I choose to set my sights on how things can be better.  I, and those like me, don't simply accept the ills of the world as "collateral damage" but rather see humanity's potential to address the ills and rise above our current existence.  Idealists are leaders that show the way to a better world for all.

"Please don't be threatened by my alien ways, I want you to continue to be blessed
however you are currently blessed . . . and I want those in need to be blessed as well."

What if the current reality is actually the illusion?  What if the artificial constructs of man that oppress, or create inequality, or deny rights to some are the smoke and mirrors that prevent realists from seeing what idealists see?  What if idealists actually see our true potential beyond, or perhaps within, what is known as "reality"?  What if idealists see the actual reality, and realists only see the facade hiding the true realities?

I think this world needs both idealists and realists.  Idealists sometimes need to be grounded, and realists ensure that the baby doesn't get thrown out with the bath water.  Realists need someone poking at them annoyingly like a smaller sibling reminding them that things can be better.  Idealists and realists are yin yang, complementary opposites interacting within a greater whole.

    "At this point in the movies, the alien would say, 'Take me to your leader.'  I prefer . . .
Let's walk side by side to our leaders and all of society to let them know that we want change for the betterment of all . . . to let them know WE CARE."

Phase II - Struggles of the Working Poor Daily Report
Day 4 (November 4th)

Weight at Beginning of Project:  233 lbs
Weight at End of Phase One:  216 lbs
Weight at Start of Phase Two: 221 lbs
Weight at Start of Today:  218 lbs

Available Funds:   $0.46 (leftover) + $7.50 (new) = $7.96
Funds Spent Today:  $7.36
Remaining Funds:   $0.60

Items Purchased:   1 Bag Generic Ripple Chips

Free Stuff:  Nil

Gas Purchased* & Remaining:  $5.00 (i.e. 4.43 litres @ $1.129 per litre . . . 44.3 km @ 10 km/litre) + 0.47 litres (gas remaining) = 4.90 litres (49.0 km)
Driving Today:  10 km (i.e. 1.0 litres)
Gas Remaining:  3.90 litres (i.e. 39 km)

*Will not include any fuel or driving related to work that is paid for by work.

Hey!! I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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  2. Sean D. Krausert, EditorNovember 5, 2011 at 1:57 PM

    Thanks . . . I've now posted this article to Twitter and Facebook after reading it. Very much appreciated.

  3. a Good article, read to bottom never mind all the adverts :

  4. Sean D. Krausert, EditorNovember 5, 2011 at 5:38 PM

    Thanks for this article that emphasizes the severe shortfalls of the current social services system. We (i.e. our society) must really get our act together on this just as some other countries have done. There is no reason that one should be without the basics (food, shelter, healthcare, etc) and the opportunity to have a decent standard of living. It's just a matter of priorities. Is getting tougher on crime really what is needed most(thus increasing poverty and spending billions of dollars)? Is buying new jets and modernizing weaponry our greatest burning need(and spending multi-billions of dollars to do so)? OR do we make sure everyone is fed, sheltered, and have health care?? Lots of people need to be talking about this, and we need to speak up to our leaders.