November 19, 2011

Counting Pennies (November 19, 2011)

Today's your lucky day!  You get a sneak peak into my brain . . . perhaps one of the scariest places you'll ever be.  For avid followers of my blogs you likely know this to be true.  (See Flaming Undies, The Wisdom of the Littlest Pig, etc.)

Actually, today's mental exercise is not scary as much as it is mundane (sorry to disappoint!), BUT ever so necessary.  I'm taking inventory in order to be able to project what the next number of days may entail with respect to food and gas, and determine whether I can expect expenses in this regard.  Specifically, I'm looking ahead through Thursday as I will be out of town for work (leaving Monday and returning Thursday), and I need to make sure the essentials are taken care of.  If I weren't on such a tight budget, this sort of analysis would not be necessary . . . but it also gives you a glimpse at my daily meals, etc.

Food Inventory (as at 1:27 PM November 19, 2011) - 2 apples, 2 bananas, 2 noodle soups, approx. 350 g of minute oats, approx. 100 g of rotini, 1 can of beans in tomato sauce, 1 can of whole mushrooms, 85 g of smoked oysters, loaf of bread, 6 eggs, head of lettuce, 1 sm. vine tomato, 4 really sm. roma tomatoes, 1/2 purple onion, sm. block of gouda, ranch dressing, approx. 4 lbs of potatoes, 4/5th of a tub of margarine.

Daily Meal & Gas Planning (from the afternoon of Saturday Nov 19/11 through Thursday Nov 24/11) -

Saturday, November 19/11
Lunch - noodle soup, banana
Dinner - 2 eggs on toast (with cheese slices), small salad (lettuce, vine tomato, onion, ranch dressing), potatoes
Gas Required - none
Groceries Needed - none
Daily Income - $5.50 (already spent on groceries and gas earlier in the day)

Sunday, November 20/11
Breakfast - porridge, apple
Lunch - 2 eggs on toast (with cheese slices), fried mushrooms (1/2), banana
Football Game Treats - smoked oysters, gouda cheese
Dinner - beans, potatoes, fried mushrooms (remaining 1/2), small salad (lettuce, 2 roma tomatoes, onion, ranch dressing)
Gas Required - none
Groceries Needed - none
Daily Income - unknown (avg. $7.50) apply to outstanding loan

Monday, November 21/11
Breakfast - porridge, apple
Lunch & Dinner - provided via work travel
Gas Required - paid for by work
Groceries Needed - none
Daily Income - unknown  (avg. $7.50) apply to outstanding loan

Tuesday, November 22/11 & Wednesday November 23/11
All Meals - provided via work travel
Gas Required - paid for by work
Groceries Needed - none
Daily Income - NONE (due to being away and all needs provided)

Thursday, November 24/11
Breakfast - provided via work travel
Lunch - noodle soup
Dinner - 2 eggs on toast (with cheese slices), small salad (lettuce, 2 roma tomatoes, onion, ranch dressing), potatoes
Gas Required - 0.8 L (already have)
Groceries Needed - apple for breakfast Friday (then bigger shopping trip on Friday)
Daily Income - unknown (avg. $7.50) apply to outstanding loan (hopefully paid off in full)

Summary - If nothing out of the ordinary arises, I should have enough groceries (except buying an apple on Thursday) and gas to see me through until I go shopping on Friday.  Plus, it is hoped that my loan will be full paid by Thursday.  Sounds good to me . . . now to see if it will actually work out that way.

Phase II - Struggles of the Working Poor Daily Report
Day 17 – Day 19 (November 17th to November 19th)

Weight at Beginning of Project:  233 lbs
Weight at End of Phase One:  216 lbs
Weight at Start of Phase Two: 221 lbs
Weight at Start of Today:  216 lbs
Available Funds:   $0.00 (leftover) + $9.00 (Nov 17) + $7.50 (Nov 18) + $5.50 (Nov 19) = $22.00
Funds Spent Today:  $22.00 (loan payments + purchases)
Remaining Funds:   $0.00

New Loan:  $0.00
Loan Due Today: $37.42 (Nov 17), then $28.42 (Nov 18), then 21.01 (Nov 19)
Loan Payment:   $9.00 (Nov 17), $7.50 (Nov 18), $0.00 (Nov 19)
Outstanding Loan: $21.01 @ 1.5% per day . . .  $21.33 due on Day 20

Items Purchased:   $1.60 Gas, 2 Apples, 2 Bananas, 2 Noodle Soups, 4 Sm. Roma Tomatoes
Free Stuff:  Hot Chocolate (went for “coffee” with a friend)

Gas Purchased* & Remaining:  $1.60 (i.e. 1.44 litres @ $1.109 per litre . . . 14.4 km @ 10 km/litre) + 0.59 litres (gas remaining) = 2.03 litres (20.3 km)
Driving Today:  12 km (i.e. 1.2 litres)
Gas Remaining:  0.83 litres (i.e. 8.3 km)
*Will not include any fuel or driving related to work that is paid for by work.

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  1. Done that looks hard.

  2. Sean D. Krausert, EditorNovember 19, 2011 at 5:14 PM

    Thanks for your comment. As my menu shows, I'm not living that bad. Boring and repetitive in what I eat, but not badly. That said, it's on the edge. Anything goes awry, and the plans fall apart.