July 30, 2011

A Guide to Posting Blog Comments


I hope that the following instructions will help you if you are having difficulty in figuring out how to post a comment to a blog entry.

Step #1  -  If a "Comment Box" isn't shown following the blog entry or other comments, then click on "Post a Comment" (or something similar indicating "comments" following the blog).  This will cause the "Comment Box" to appear if it is not already displayed.

Step #2  -  Type your comment in the "Comment Box."

Step #3  -  Select a Profile, which is simply determining to whom the comment will be credited.  You have 3 different types of profiles to choose from:

(a)  You may sign in with a profile from one of the listed accounts (e.g. Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, etc.).   This will then state your profile as it appears on the chosen account.


(b)  You may select "Name/URL" in order to simply leave your name.  A box will appear for you to type your name, which will also invite you to leave a URL (but that is entirely optional).


(c)  You may select "Anonymous".   I hope you will only select this option if you are sharing something personal and you are more comfortable sharing being protected by anonymity.  Of course, if you are taking issue with content or otherwise challenging what is offered, then it would be much preferred that you be willing to let your name stand with the comment.

Step #4  -  Click "Preview" if you want to see what the post will look like.  You have the option to edit the post if you choose to do so.

Step #5  -  When you are ready to post your comment, click "Post Comment".  Whether you are on the original screen or the preview screen when you click post comment, you will be directed to a "Word Verification" screen in order to type some characters that you see on the screen.  This is to prevent spam.

*Please note that if you click "Post Comment", or click at any of the steps, and nothing happens . . . then simply click it again (as sometimes it doesn't register the first time).

I look forward to reading your comments.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for commenting on a blog advice. I have never done this before. Great job on making it through week one!!! I enjoy your posts. Love, the Missus

  2. Hey Missus . . . glad it helped! Week two underway!

  3. This is not working, will try again

  4. It is a great advice! I have never done this before too. I will definetly try it out! Love your posts, the Missus!