July 23, 2011

WHY Do That Poverty Project?

Because . . .

·      1 out of every 10 Canadian children live under the poverty line.

·      Half the world lives on less than $5 per day; nearly 1 Billion people suffer from hunger; and approximately 2 Billion people do not have adequate water supply or sanitation.

·      Food & water, shelter, access to health care, basic education, and freedom from fear are basic human rights.

·      With very little effort on the part of those who “have”, a world of difference can be made in the life of a person who “has not”.

·      We live in a world with sufficient abundance to meet the needs of everyone.  The only thing lacking is the political will and compassion to do so . . . which can change.

·      Through raising awareness about poverty at home and around the world more people can get engaged in the process of eradicating poverty everywhere.

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