July 27, 2011

Oh Baby! (Day 5 - July 27, 2011)

Tantalizing . . . alluring . . . steamy . . . enticing . . . welcoming . . . HEAT.


Refreshing . . . life-giving . . . life-sustaining . . . cleansing . . . invigorating . . . WATER.


Purifying . . . purging . . . lathering . . . decontaminating . . . sanitizing . . . SOAP.


Guess what I did today?  You got it!!  That Poverty Guy is now squeaky clean and feeling like a new man after partaking in a glorious, luxurious, singing-at-the-top-of-my-voice shower (. . . or as I like to call it . . . a little taste of heaven).

Do you think I'm going a little overboard in my description?  Last week I might have thought so, too.  However, after feeling grubby for several days and having to put up with some smells emanating from my body that I don't recall ever emanating before, I may actually be understating the euphoria I felt as I drifted out of the shower stall aloft on a cloud of steam.

I hadn't realized how much I took having a shower for granted.  I hadn't realized how much of a benefit a shower could be for one's self-esteem and demeanor.  I hadn't realized how much being able to take a daily shower contributes to our standard of living.

So my learning today is that some of the essential things that contribute greatly to our well-being are often quite simple . . . a nutritious meal . . . a glass of water . . . a blanket for a warm sleep . . . a caring touch . . .  a shower.  When we start to think in terms of the essentials, we can better understand that which is needed to fight poverty and how little things can make a huge difference.

What are some of the simple things you may take for granted?

Hey!!  I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.


  1. I think we as north americans are VERY spoiled with our bathroom facilities. speifically our duak head showers...tubs...jet tubs...sinks...toilet rolls...heated towel holders...
    I try to appreciate having these in our Canada...but your experience makes me say a little prayer of thanks even longer this day!!! Lol...
    I encourage you to keep up this great blog!

  2. Great blog Sean. What do I take for granted?...warm showers, clean water to drink, a Safeway just down the street. Thanks Sean for making me think.

  3. I appreciate the feedback and the reflection you have done Jason!

    Once we recognize we are fortunate . . . then what do we do? I suggest that we can find out about people and places working in the area of whatever issue speaks to us most, and then find out what small thing we could do to help (volunteer, or make a donation, or tell our friends about them . . . ). More food for thought. Have a great day!