December 3, 2011

Change for a Dollar

I enjoyed this artistically shot and graciously told story of how a single dollar in change changed several people's lives.  As you watch it, you may find yourself questioning whether this could really happen.  I did.  But then I realized focusing on whether or not this actual sequence of events could happen is totally missing the point.  The point is that small, random acts of kindness can come from the most unexpected places, and they can have huge impact in the life of another.  CHANGE . . . for a dollar.

If we all did a little something for someone else, the world would be quite a different and enlightened place.  Of course, the only way to get to that destination is to start down the path ourselves.  Others will follow.  Notice the little things, do what you can, and bit by bit the world becomes kinder and gentler.

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  1. A very powerful look at small kindness and the powerful impact it can make.
    I recently had the opportunity to share a couple bucks with a stranger who was thirsty. She bought her pop and came back to me to give me the change. I told her to keep it....who knows what she was able to do with the extra money. It's fun to imagine and hope.

  2. Sean D. Krausert, EditorDecember 4, 2011 at 9:41 PM

    The little stuff to one person is big stuff to another!

  3. omgosh.....powerful. shows no one is insignificant....wonderful!!!!!