December 17, 2011

Poor No More - There is a Way Out

I get so frustrated every time I hear people criticizing those in poverty saying, "If they only got a job!" or "If they would only work harder!"   AAARRRGGGGH!!!

The fact is that many in poverty DO have a job, and many of those who are not employed have extenuating circumstances (disability, too old, too young, illness, etc.).  Certainly, there are some who are lazy or who want to milk the system, but they are a small minority.  REALLY!!

Another fact is that our social safety net is broken.  Many of those in the system are not assisted to the point where they can cover their necessities.  Whether it be employment insurance, old age security (including guaranteed income supplement), disability or other form of social assistance . . . many recipients are effectively sentenced to poverty.  And then there are those who fall between the widening cracks in the system and don't get any assistance whatsoever.

But it's not just the social safety net that needs fixing, we also need to look at our societal priorities.  Do we care about those who are vulnerable?  Do we have compassion for those in need?  I believe we do, but just haven't translated it on a large enough scale to our governments and policies . . . yet.  That said, I have hope that we will get there.

I came across the following video about income inequality and child poverty in Canada.  It is narrated by Mary Walsh and relates to a 2009 documentary that I want to see called "Poor No More - There is a Way Out".  It's well worth the watch, and contributes overcoming some stereotypes about the working poor.  The little girl absolutely grabbed me at the end, and reminds us that many who are in poverty are children

Hey!!  I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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