December 20, 2011

Inequality Traps Children in Poverty

In the last dozen years or so, I've had opportunity to travel to a lot of places.  Multiple destinations in Europe, West Africa, Central America, and a variety of places throughout Canada and the USA.  I've had tea with the very rich in ritzy hotels, and shared meals with the poorest of the poor on remote mountain tops. And, regardless of the person's socio-economic status, it's the strands of "same-ness" that I see in all people that intrigues me.  People can have wildly different standards of living, incredibly diverse educational backgrounds, and from completely different religious and cultural backgrounds . . . and yet there is a same-ness.

This same-ness goes well beyond breathing, needing food, and bleeding when injured.  The things I notice are the constant drive to better life for one's family and the strength of the human spirit. Or, even more obvious, is a parent's love for their child . . . and the universal desire for our children to be safe and have a good life.  It is this last trait that shines bright from the father in the following video.

This video has been produced by the World Bank.  It focuses on the systemic, entrenched poverty that flows from inequality.

To find our more about the work of the World Bank or the Human Opportunity Index,

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