August 16, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different (Day 25 - August 16, 2011)

A few different things happening today (and kudos to Monty Python with respect to the title for today's blog), including MY FIRST VIDEO BLOG (below) . . .

First, today is the first day (. . . or night is actually more accurate) that I began to worry about the cold in the Fall.  I imagine that for those who are actually homeless on the streets, this is a really disconcerting time of year when the nights start to get frosty.  Granted, it may be a later date for those living in warmer climates, but here in the Rockies it is right around the corner.  I heard a story once of a homeless fellow that pulled a toy gun on the mayor in order to get arrested (he's lucky not to have been shot . . . that's a dangerous thing to do).  Whether or not it is true, I believe it is not uncommon for some on the street to commit a crime in order to get food and shelter in jail through the winter.  Last night I was fine once I cocooned . . . and I have a couple more layers I could still add so I expect I'll be fine through to Thanksgiving.  But, of course, there are many who are homeless that are not nearly as blessed.  If you have spare winter clothes and blankets, please contact your local shelter to see if they could use them.

Second, today I'm preparing to talk to the Canmore Rotary Club tomorrow morning and then I'm hitting the road to go visit The Mustard Seed Street Ministry tomorrow afternoon.  I expect to have some interviews to show you over the coming days and weeks.

Third, and most different (in more ways than one) the following is my very first attempt at creating a video blog other than the one on my home page, which was just a straight recording.  As you will see, there's room for improvement but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.  Please note that it was actually filmed on July 31st, and thus less facial hair.  And, if you like it (or even if you don't), please forward it to others by clicking one of the many options below this blog.

Hey!!  I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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  1. Hey Sean, I like your video techniques :)
    Good point as well, it made me think of Economics class learning about the "glass ceiling effect" pertaining to woman being able to see the top of the corporate ladder yet seldom getting there. Must be frustrating.

    We are so damn lucky. ... .. Canadian (firs world country) Caucasian (part of the majority) Male (can easily piss in the wood ;) ok maybe the last one looses focus a little but you know what I mean
    Aaron Krausert

  2. Sean D. Krausert, EditorAugust 17, 2011 at 9:50 PM

    Hey Aaron . . . I hear ya. Thanks for the excellent thoughts . . . and the smile.

  3. never thought of poverty like that before. This earth needs more people like you, thanks for helping us to see people differently :) A

  4. Sean D. Krausert, EditorAugust 18, 2011 at 1:50 PM

    That's very kind . . . but honestly I think the people need more people like you . . . those who are able to hear something, think about it, and willing to change the way they see things. I think one of the greatest dangers to our world are people who are closed minded.