August 16, 2011

Tweets & Posts Updates (August 7 - 15, 2011)

For those of you not on Twitter or Facebook, the following are some highlights from That Poverty Project's postings from the previous week:

Facebook Page ("Likes" grew from about 50 to 79 while each Post gets between 100 and 370 impressions)

AUGUST 7th - Just finished repairing the tarp over the tent. While it was chilly last night (4C), the major factor was huge gusting winds that ripped right through the twine holding down the tarp! Feeling tired . . . going to find a place in the sun to have a nap.

AUGUST 9th -  . . . three interviews tomorrow! One print media, one radio media, and one television media. YouTube interview on Thursday. I feel like that homeless fellow in the States who was discovered with that great radio voice . . . except that I don't have that great radio voice. By the way, my blog today tells how I spent 1/3 of my savings on nose pads for my glasses . . .

AUGUST 10th -   Feeling very out of sorts right now . . . doing three interviews (while very much appreciated) disrupted my routine. BUT much more than that . . . I'm getting freakin' cold with the rain coming down and wind blowing. Yeah, the tent is protecting me but my nose feels like an ice cube. I'm gonna put on more layers . . .

AUGUST 11th - What a relief . . . thought it might be a tough night because it was so cool in the evening BUT I felt snug as bug in a rug!

AUGUST 13th - Alleviating poverty involves engaging lots of people each doing their little bit and being a united voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. So please help spread the word about That Poverty Project to your networks . . . encouraging them to "Like" this page and to check out the website.

AUGUST 15th - After loading up the layers, the weather has turned the corner slightly and I can now peel the top layer off. Which, of course, leaves me freer to move and spells DOOM for the mosquito in my tent. . . . . (and posted afterwards) . . .   Layers are going back on, and hunkering down for what may be a "refreshing" evening. You can't replicate the hopelessness and isolation of homelessness . . . I'm simply doing some self-sacrifice to raise awareness about poverty.

Twitter Account (@thatpovertyguy . . . "Followers" increased from 31 to 94 including many mentions and retweets by others . . . one by a person with 9,000+ followers)

AUGUST 8th - We must tell our leaders that "No one anywhere should be hungry on their watch." WE can and now.  . . . (and then later) . . . People's basic needs must be met, and austerity measures hit the most vulnerable the hardest. are case in point.

AUGUST 9th -  I dream of the day when EVERYONE can take for granted. Not that we should, but it'd be great if we ALL could. We can end .

AUGUST 10th - Jackpot! Just ate a pack of Swedish Berries found in the garbage. Okay . . my daughter's garbage . . . but still garbage.

AUGUST 11th - Strangely . . . it's pouring rain and cool, and I'm sitting in the tent with only a t-shirt. Am I becoming acclimatized?

AUGUST 12th - We must move beyond reacting to famines. We know famines happen . . . let's be proactive. It's cheaper in the long run, and saves lives.

AUGUST 13th - Teams of people rescue climbers who choose to risk their life, yet we don't send teams for the fallen who end up on the street. Why is that?

AUGUST 14th - Let's not fool ourselves. We DO have the ability to help those in need. The Star: Apocalyptic crisis budgeting

AUGUST 15th - Raining. I'm dry in my tent but many are not so fortunate. I pray that those who need rain, get it; and those who need shelter receive it . . . (and then later) . . .  You can't replicate the hopelessness and isolation of homelessness (nor would you want to). I'm doing self-sacrifice to raise awareness.

Hey!!  I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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