August 20, 2011

Top 5 With 4 Down (Day 29 - August 20, 2011)

That Poverty Guy (Sean Krausert)
Day 29 - Bearded / 224 lbs
No . . . no . . . no.   The title is not a quarterback's call at the line for a new play when he sees the opposing linebackers getting ready to pin their ears back in a bloodthirsty blitz . . . "TOP 5 . . . TOP 5 . . . 4 DOWN . . . 4 DOWN . . . HUT, HUT, HUT".   Nor is it some secret code to my agents in foreign lands . . . although that would be cool (hmmm . . . really cool).  It's simply, and I hope that I don't disappoint after such a build-up, referring to the fact that with 4 weeks under my belt in the project, I'm going to let you know the "Top 5" blog posts so far (. . . in case you missed them or want to share with your friends).

But first, the usual business for each Saturday.  "So," you ask, "what do you look like now and how much do you weigh That Poverty Guy?"  Thanks for asking!  I've dropped another pound this week, bringing me down to 224 lbs and having lost 9 lbs in the last 4 weeks (from my starting point of 233 lbs).  As for what I look like . . . you can attest for yourself that I'm the same old me . . . a little hairier . . . and a little more worn.  These first four weeks have been a challenge for sure, but nothing compared to what billions of people live everyday.  And, I'm excited as the next four weeks (and beyond) will bring more experiences to reflect on, interviews with people on the front line of poverty, and the launch of some more videos as well as a special initiative that I will announce soon.

"Great," you say, "but what about those Top 5 blog posts you mentioned.  I'd love to see if my favourite is there or see if there are some good ones that I missed. PLUS, I'd love to share them with my family, friends, co-workers, and that guy washing his car next door!"  I do appreciate your enthusiasm.  You're awesome!  Certainly, without further adieu . . . here are the TOP 5 BLOG POSTS of the FIRST 4 WEEKS (plus a couple of others that may interest you):

. . . and the top blog post for the last 4 weeks is . . .

The following blogs are also deserving honourable mention:

Robert's Story
(picked up by the #Social Justice Daily and re-published on August 19th)

Blew My Money On Booze . . . Almost
(picked up by the #Good Work Daily and re-published on August 13th)

Hey!!  I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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  1. Hey Sean,
    I love reading your blogs AND I am very pleased to see that Stone washed jeans made the top five. It's my favourite!