August 22, 2011

Tweets & Posts Updates (August 16 - 22, 2011)

For those of you not on Twitter or Facebook, the following are some highlights from That Poverty Project's postings from the previous week:

Facebook Page ("Likes" grew from about 79 to 97 while each Post gets between 110 and 380 impressions)

AUGUST 16th - Cold night! Just 2 degrees above freezing . . . but I formed a cocoon warmed by my body heat and breath and slept alright. I could really use a chiropractor adjustment though . . . oh well, I'll do some stretches and hope for a good "click".  . . . (and then later) . . . Off and walking . . . again. I've never spent so much time commuting by foot. It sure eats up a lot of your day. Just imagine having to walk for hours to fetch water everyday . . . and wood . . . and food. In some places there is literally no time to get ahead as all the available time is spent just surviving. I've seen people's lives irrevocably changed when water was piped to their house . . . it gave them 4 - 6 hours a day to apply to more productive endeavours.

AUGUST 17thReally early morning today! Amazing how much warmer 6C is compared to 3C (YAY!) Had a shower, put on my clean clothes, and walked to a Rotary breakfast meeting where I talked about That Poverty Project. I like Rotary's motto - Service Above Self. If the whole world had that motto . . . there would be no poverty, and I think that it would be a pretty great place for our self, too.  . . . (and then later) . . . According to the Anglican Journal, I'm "getting down and dirty to raise awareness about poverty". I'm often dirty . . . so I guess I'm down with that!
. . . (and still later) . . . Today I was called an "unreasonable man".  Then George Bernard Shaw was quoted . . . "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."   Hmmm . . . I likey!

AUGUST 18th -   It was cold last night (around 2C) but I fared better than previous cool nights. Getting used to it? More tired? Who knows?   Having trouble getting the engines going this morning . . . feeling lazy. That said, I have already done some laundry (including both pairs of socks!). Better get writing . . . I think I feel inspiration coming on (. . . or nature's calling . . . I'll know in a minute or two).

AUGUST 19th - Zero degrees last night. Enough said. . . . (and then later) . . . Warm days cause a certain aroma to exude from me . . . I've decided that it's quite manly.

AUGUST 21st - BEAUTIFUL NIGHT!! It's midnight and I'm not even under the covers yet. Yeah, baby!

AUGUST 22nd - Today the world lost a great Canadian. I am profoundly saddened by Jack Layton's death. However, his vision of a Canada that compassionately cares for the most vulnerable amongst us . . . the poor, the marginalized, the elderly, and working families struggling to make ends meet . . . live on through those of us who share this dream. Jack, thanks for your leadership and caring. And peace and comfort to the entire Layton family, and all those who are mourning.

Twitter Account (@thatpovertyguy . . . "Followers" increased from 94 to 155 including many mentions and retweets by others . . . two postings in The #socialjustice Daily)

AUGUST 16th - Big thanks to and for helping create awareness about and . . . (and then later) . . . Thanks and for the mentions. I've been told I have a face for radio! (I guess isn't pretty either.) . . . (and then still later) . . . Laundry's hanging to dry, the sun has warmed things up, I have a little money in my pocket. Today's a good day.

- You know . . . being homeless is not all it's cracked up to be. Just saying.

AUGUST 18th - To be . . . or not to be . . . that is the question asked everyday by the poor as they strive to survive.

AUGUST 22nd - A sad day for Canada. The poor and working families lost an advocate, a passionate leader . . . a hero. RIP Jack Layton . . . and thanks. . . . (and then later) . . . The hope and optimism I bring to my advocacy for those in was influenced by Jack Layton. RIP Jack Layton.

Hey!! I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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