August 6, 2011

Thrift Store Virgin (Day 15 - August 6, 2011)

That Poverty Guy (Sean Krausert)
Day 15 - Slightly Bearded / 227 lbs
Yes, it's true . . . until today I was a virgin.  A thrift store virgin.  For those out there who are also thrift store virgins, and perhaps don't even know what a thrift store is, a thrift store is a place where "previously loved" goods are sold quite inexpensively.  Well, today, I made my first purchase at my local thrift store, and I feel very good about the experience.

I needed to buy a TV tray for in the tent.  No, I don't have television in the tent!  I have a rickety old lawn chair that someone dropped off for me thinking I may have use for it (. . . which I did, so I'm thankful to them).  I sit in the rickety old chair, in my tent, typing on my laptop doing blogs, Facebook posts, tweets, e-mails, etc. for the project.  The problem is that I will soon become quite hunched if I continue to type with the laptop on my lap (ironically).  Thus the need for a small table that can fold away . . . a TV tray.

Before trying the thrift store, I first walked around to three garage sales in my area since the thrift store was quite a lot further away.  Unfortunately, I struck out at all three garage sales . . . no TV trays or small folding tables of any kind.  I started to be concerned that I wouldn't find TV trays anywhere when one of the garage sale hosts remarked, "TV trays??  We're not old enough to have TV trays."  I didn't realize there was a minimum age requirement, but apparently there is.  So with three strikes, my thumb was out looking for a ride to the thrift store. (Well, actually I started begging my wife to drive me down since I figured that if I found anything it would be too far to carry them back to the tent . . . all of a sudden I had empathy for my children when they want to be driven somewhere).

In Canmore, we have what I suspect is a very good thrift store . . . clean, well-stocked, and organized superbly.  Not long after entering the furniture section, there they were . . . a full set of four TV trays complete with a stand! (It helps if you re-read that last sentence and at the ". . . " imagine hearing angels singing and the set of TV trays starting to glow with an inner light .)  Of course, I only needed one table and so asked the very friendly clerk if I could break up the set.  He apologized indicating that they were tough enough to sell as a set, and so breaking it up would not be an option.  Apparently, a lot of their clientele don't meet the minimum age requirement to own a vintage set of TV trays.  However, given the looming hunch in my back, the fact that I am appropriately middle-aged and old enough to operate these bad boys, the trekking I did to find them and it being unlikely that I would find some other, I slapped $12 on the counter and bought the whole set.

Yes, I had $12.  In fact, I should update you on my finances.  To date since starting the project I have received $25 and change.  Twice a little white haired lady who has heard of the project arranged for a young woman to  place $10 in my hat (she came up to me, asked me to take off my hat, and then put $10 into it) . . . so that's $20.  I've received $5 today for cutting a small lawn on my street . . . and so that brings it up to $25.  As for the change, some crazy lady threw it at me! (. . . my mother-in-law . . . who isn't really crazy . . . just delightfully eccentric.)  So after spending $12, I'm now down to $13 and change. 

Before closing, it was interesting to see that my weight stayed at 227 lbs this week (down 6 lbs from the start of the project).  Not sure if that is a sign of things to come or if I just plateaued momentarily.  I notice that 66% of the respondents to the poll last week thought that I would lose quite a bit of weight by the time that this first phase is done at Thanksgiving weekend in October (i.e. guessing I would weigh less than 218 lbs).  I guess time will tell.

Hey!!  I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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  1. Your journey reminds me of the saying “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone”. People need kindness, respect and dignity no matter what their circumstances. Could be some wrong choices and the path spirals downward. It’s interesting how quickly you felt ‘different’, makes me wonder what years of that would do to a person. Keep healthy and happy as you continue your project. And thanks for sharing your insights, they are very thought provoking! Audrey C.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Audrey! Yes, it is a journey of discovery . . . and I imagine that years of it would likely entrench the feelings of being ostracized and being on the margins of society quite deeply. I hope to keep provoking thought, and please share your thoughts whenever you feel called to do so.