August 27, 2011

This, That, and The Other Thing (Day 36 - August 27, 2011)

That Poverty Guy (Sean Krausert)
Day 36 - Hairy & 223 lbs
First of all . . . THIS.  Since starting this project 5 weeks ago, I've officially lost weight equivalent to a hefty newborn baby . . . 10 lbs.  Hey . . . why are some of you shaking your head at my comparison?  If I had told you that Ms. So and So had just given birth to a 10 lb baby you would be all, "Wow!  Omagosh!!  Zomagoodness!!!".   How about we try that again . . . I've now lost 10 lbs since living in a tent.  There that's better.  After all, that's the same size as an incredibly obese chihuahua.  (I see those heads are shaking again!)

It's been a different sort of week regarding food and exercise.  I've had a lot more exercise due to my bottle picking day and having to head into to town multiple times for various reasons.  However, I've also had opportunity to royally pig out on two occasions.  One of them was an invite to a smorgasbord full of sausage, hash brown potato casserole and scrambled eggs.  The other wasn't really pigging out per se but there were some plates of cheese that I tucked into pretty well.  A guy's gotta eat when he can!!

Secondly . . . THAT.  I should give you an update on my pocket cash situation.  I believe that at last report I had about $10 and change.  Well, I ate that.  I became famished when I was out and about one day and so I bought a submarine sandwich and a drink.   Then, I gathered $7.30 worth of bottles.  And I ate that, too!  As you'll recall from my bottle picking blog . . . a milkshake and a hot dog (Cotton Pickin' Bottle Pickin').  But, fear not dear reader!  I was paid for looking after animals.  The actual amount received was $170 ($10 per day x 17 days) . . . but like most homeless people the biggest chunk of that went towards care for my family.  (Yes, most homeless people are in a family situation . . . refugees, those living in urban slums, and those having lost homes due to natural disaster.)  So, at present, I have $20 . . . and feeling rich.

Finally . . . THE OTHER THING.  I had a wonderful stroke of good luck this morning.  As you will recall, I received a special lunch from Mrs. Poverty Guy a couple of weeks back in exchange for me mowing the lawn, fixing the screen door, and washing the outside windows.  The first two items were done right away, but there was a delay on the window washing until this morning.  However, after finishing the windows, there was still plenty of warm, relatively clean, SOAPY water left in the bucket.  Sooooo . . . I washed my laundry in it!  It was the first time my clothes had touched soap in over 36 days.  I likey!!

Remember everyone . . . it's the little things that can bring a smile to someone who has very little and make a world of difference in their lives.  The $20 and warm, soapy water certainly did the trick for me.   For someone else it might be some warm clothes or a blanket, a pipe bringing water to their home, a safe wood burning stove, a micro-loan . . . or even a hug.

Hey!!  I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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  1. That's funny Sean, I have 3 Chihuahuas! My biggest one is only 8.5 pounds, so you have almost lost one of my dogs. I am trying to give one away, would you like him? His name is Bear and he is a nice boy, but not too well socialized (read: bad with strangers, kids, and he hyperventilates in the car on even a short ride). You are doing a very cool (Poverty Guy) thing, I am reading your updates from Puget Sound AKA Seattle. Keep going!!!!


  2. Hi Cyndy . . . thanks for following my blogs! I've actually lost more weight than one of your dogs. I'll have to pass on Bear, but thanks for the offer. I like that name for a Chihuahua, though! Speaking of Puget Sound . . . one of my favourite places is Bainsbridge Island. Have a great day!

  3. I just saw you on Global news and I think this is quite a joke. Your living in your backyard when the weather is beautiful out. It's like camping without having to cook or use an outhouse...WHAT A STINKING JOKE! This is glorified camping without all the work involved.....AND YOU HAVE WIFI!!! Who wouldn't want to sit on their ass all day and surf the net. Maybe you should try living on the STREET like most homeless people.

  4. Sean D. Krausert, EditorAugust 29, 2011 at 8:47 AM

    While I have the ability to simply delete e-mails that are less than civil (especially when the person chooses to remain anonymous), this is exactly the sort of comment that needs to be addressed.

    First of all, I am not pretending to be homeless. One cannot artificially replicate the hopelessness and other complicating trauma typically experienced by those without a home. I am simply undergoing some self-sacrifice to raise awareness about poverty.

    Secondly, there are a couple of things you need to know . . .

    (i) The vast majority of people without homes in the world live in tents or some other form of rudimentary temporary shelter (either in refugee camps or urban slums).

    (ii) With respect to being busy . . . I am working from sun up to sun down writing, researching, and communicating about poverty in addition to experiencing various things that are outside most people's normal experience. Wifi is needed in order to do this project and create awareness about the billions of people in need, and I do not apologize for it.

    Given your concern for the homeless people on the streets, I suggest that there are more positive ways to channel your energy than criticizing the efforts of others.

    It is easy to criticize, but I encourage you to be part of the solution.


  5. So sad that some people do not have compassion for others :( Wonder what made them so bitter? You and the project are getting noticed, aren't you! A