October 5, 2011

The Story of Human Rights

Not too long ago I was engaged in an interesting exchange of ideas via Twitter (The Battle of the Tweet).  During the back and forth, the issue of rights came up.  My adversary claimed that food & water, shelter, education, health care, and freedom from fear were human needs, not rights.  Well, he was partly correct, they are needs . . . but they're also rights as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The following fascinating video was created by HumanRights.com as part of a current campaign to help us be more aware of what are widely recognized (but perhaps not widely enough) as our human rights.  Remember . . . the only way we can truly protect our human rights is to protect the rights of others.

Find Out More . . . www.humanrights.com

So . . . what are the 30 human rights?  Here's a summary . . .

1. We are all born free and equal;   2. Don't discriminate;   3. The right to life;   4. No slavery;  
5. No torture;   6. You have rights no matter where you go;   7. We're all equal before the law:
8. Your human rights are protected by law;   9. No unfair detainment;   10. The right to trial;
11. We're always innocent till proven guilty;   12. The right to privacy;  13. The freedom to move;
14. The right to asylum;   15. Right to a nationality;   16.  Marriage and family;  17. The right to ownership;  18. Freedom of thought;   19. Freedom of expression;  20. The right to public assembly;  
21. The right to democracy;   22. Social security;  23. Workers’ rights;  24. The right to play;  
25. Food and shelter for all;   26. The right to education; 27. Copyright;   28. A fair and free world;  
29. Responsibility; and  30. No one can take away your human rights.

Hey!! I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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  1. Most excellent video. The history of and the current need for enforcing Human Rights is eye opening.

  2. Sean D. Krausert, EditorOctober 13, 2011 at 4:49 PM

    I totally agree . . . simple awareness creates changed behaviour and a better world for all.