September 6, 2011

My Kingdom for New Undies (Day 46 - September 6, 2011)

Laundry tomorrow!
I am really, really, REALLY sick of wearing the same clothes.  And, if forced to itemize the biggest culprits . . . my top three would be (1) my undies, (2) my socks, and (3) my undies (. . . an honourable mention for fourth place would be my undies).   I think you get the picture.

But here's the thing . . . over half the people in the world have very few choices of clothes to wear.  I've been to the highlands of Guatemala where the indigenous people wear the same type of clothing everyday (they have two sets . . . thus my inspiration for the depth of my wardrobe).  I've been to Sierra Leone where generally (some exceptions in the city) people where the same types of clothes all the time . . . except on their holy day when the most colourful dresses appear on the women and all the men wear freshly pressed shirts and trousers.  I've spent time with displaced people and seen the street homeless, both of whom have no choice but to wear the same thing all the time.  Yes, I am spoiled.  And, I think most of us in the "have" areas of the world are.

While I fully acknowledge that with respect to wearing the same pants and shirts everyday, I just have to "suck it up princess!"  However, wearing one of two pairs of underwear and socks everyday is border-line inhumane.  Well, okay, that may be overstating it . . . but it is gross.  That's why I appreciate, now more than ever, the efforts of Brent King and his annual cross Canada underwear drive to homeless shelters.  This program, subtitled "Delivering a Little Dignity", will deliver 35,000 pairs of underwear to street homeless in Canada starting at the end of this month (starting in Vancouver Sept 27th and getting to Halifax on October 5th).  I encourage anybody who wants to learn more, support the program, and see what one person can accomplish to check out . . .

As for me, I'll tough it out.  It helps that I've decided that whatever is left of my undies and socks at the end of this phase of the project will be burned.  That's right . . . burned.  However, at the rate they are currently disintegrating, I'm not sure it will be much of a fire.  In the meantime, there is one thing that I am wondering about . . . why do we call them a "pair" of underwear?  Just curious.

Speaking of "Just Curious . . . " - The 4th video segment of the interview with The Mustard Seed
was released today.  Click Here to Watch "Just Curious . . . "

Hey!!  I'm That Poverty Guy . . . let's make a world of difference together.

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  1. Hey Poverty Guy, Cyndy again. How about a post about free cell phone with 250 free minutes of service per month - for the Homeless!? If used responsibly, these minutes can make a huge difference with homeless folks finding work by being available BY PHONE. Community voice mail is nice, but nothing beats answering the phone.

    Get the word out about this free program. Folks that have phones pay into this government program - it's one of those "taxes" on your bill. here's a news link about it. It is available in 32 states.

    I'll try to think of a few more ideas for you!

  2. Whoops, here ya go - the links to promote:

  3. Hi Cyndy . . . thanks for the links. I read the article you linked in the first comment. It's obvious that some people will not like subsidizing a free phone for those in need. But, I think this is largely due to a misunderstanding about poverty . . . and holding images of poverty that don't relate to reality. I have sent out the links on Twitter and Facebook so that any of my American followers can help create awareness about them. Thanks.

  4. I agree Poverty has a bad reputation. That God there are folks like you out there to try to change it's face. Poverty does not come with a dozen roses, lipstick and a smile. It comes with dirty clothes, change in the pocket and all too often -- an unkempt appearance and a smile showing teeth that could use many hours at the Dentist.

    I am learning my way around the maze of free health care in the Puget Sound area. I got referred to "Project Access" for a hip replacement. Check out this INCREDIBLE program (not just in my area, it is a LARGE program)

    Project Access

    I am receiving a TOTALLY FREE hip replacement. WOW. What good fortune!

    TTYS Poverty Guy, off to read today's entry!

  5. Thanks for this link, and so glad to hear about the hip replacement. Pain can be such a hindrance to quality of life and something suffered by those who cannot get it fixed.