September 29, 2011

Poetically Speaking (Day 69 - September 29, 2011)

"Dr. Thad Pavarti Guy"

World Renowned Expert on Linguistic Anomalies
& Other Strange Things
The Person Who Recently Unlocked

As days contract, the heat could be more.
Temperatures last night dropped to minus four.
Consider the blessing of your warm bed,
And the luxury of having roof overhead.

Sick of my clothes!! But I’ve only two pair . . .
Of ragged jeans, worn socks, and underwear.
If your wardrobe more than that can boast,
BELIEVE ME . . . you are richer than most.

With hands rock hard from cold water, I moan.
Laundering my few garments on a hard smooth stone.
Unlike countless many who perhaps you’ve not seen,
Be thankful if you have access to a washing machine.

At first not partaking in a daily shower was hell,
But now I’m sorta used to my “manly” smell.
If you can bathe regularly, and the water’s hot,
Consider dropping  to thy knees giving thanks . . . A LOT!

Enduring sprained ankles and dog bites have been a factor,
But sore back and wonky hip most miss my chiropractor.
Health care, regardless of wait, shan’t be taken for granted
It helps us grow and bloom in the place we’ve been planted.

Walking everywhere has been a boon for my waist,
But with no car or bike, it’s tough to get places in haste.
Simply being able to afford a vehicle and drive,
Is a sign of prosperity . . . a real  indication you thrive.

Be grateful for food, water, shelter, and sanitation,
Access to health care and at least basic education.
These are rights for humans without which life is tough,
Therefore together we strive so ALL CAN HAVE ENOUGH.

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